The advantages of International Schools

Updated:25/10/11 15:01:08 PM CST

The international schools have mentioned that they have the integrative advantages of international metropolis, namely another potential advantage of internationalized education, although to some extent it is intangible. Mr. Kai said that the nationalities of the students in his ACS schools are of more than 69 countries. Fitzmaurice from Nord Anglia said that all the children studying in the three schools in China received one lesson of Chinese mandarin once a week from the first beginning, so that when they leave they can reach the proficient level although they may not speak Chinese quite fluently.

The experts also point out that in some countries where education is not particularly respected, the international schools are the best ones in the capital city, even for the local children. The experts suggested that the international schools should spare no effort to create a good language environment on the playground. If the children mainly speak the local language, not the official language of the school, how can they well adjust to the environment?

Although, successful international school realized true international fusion, the real level of the students in international schools is limited. Mr. Kai said that the students of ACS school will go to the universities all over the world for further study, but the main mode for them is to go back to their own country. Perhaps, compared with the ambition to cultivate the students of international concepts, the benefits of entering into an international school are quite normal.

Ms. Praler from International Famous School Guide said that well operated international schools were very good at helping those students that come and go. The experts estimate that the students stay at the international school for about three years on average. It turns out that good international schools are quite attractive to those foreign parents living in an alien city, so the parents will continue to choose international schools.

Ms. Praler added that “Usually, the teachers, administrative staff, even the staff working at the dinning room care for the newcomers or the kids who have not gotten along well with others.” Maybe this is their most important advantage.  

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