NingBo International School


School Type:kindergarten to high school

Address: No.151 Lamei Road, NingBo, ZheJiang Province, China

Contact information: Phone: (+86) 574 87611005     Fax: (+86) 574 87611136

School profile:

Ningbo International School (NBIS) is commenced operation on 1 September 2005,it is the only fully licensed international school in Zhejiang Province, and it has the enthusiastic support of the Ningbo and Zhejiang Governments, the South Australian Education Department, and the Zhejiang Wanli Education Group. Ningbo International School (NBIS) is able to recruit students with foreign nationalities, including those from Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.

From establishment NBIS have had a strong link with the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services. We implement the fully accredited South Australian Curriculum Standards and Assessment framework (SACSA) from Toddler grades up to and including Grade 9. SACSA is widely used in Commonwealth countries and increasingly throughout the world. It is a world class, highly respected curriculum. It is well structured, rigorous and coherent and provides opportunities for teachers to capitalise on aspects of Chinese culture as well as the diverse cultural backgrounds of students.

NingBo International School

In 2010 NBIS was accredited by Cambridge, enabling us to provide Cambridge International Examination programmes for Grades 10, 11 and 12. This will enable our senior students to graduate to universities throughout the world without having to leave NBIS, Initially we are offering the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, to be followed by Cambridge AS and A Levels.

At NBIS we pride ourselves in the sense of family and community that has become an integral part of our school culture. Parents are key partners and are welcome at all times. When you visit you will feel the warmth, encouragement, enjoyment and friendliness within our school community. We have established a strong School Advisory Committee and Parent/Teacher Association to assist in improving the services we provide for our community.

School Curriculum:

NBIS have a strong formal link with the South Australian Department of Education and Children s Services (DECS). Australia is a world leader in Education and DECS is at the forefront of education in Australia. Not only are we assisted by DECS in the recruitment of outstanding teachers, we also lease their curriculum, which is known as SACSA the South Australian Curriculum, Standards and Accountability Framework.

SACSA is widely used in Commonwealth countries, and increasingly throughout the world. It is well respected as a rigorous world class international curriculum, and it provides a learning programme from birth to Year 12. SACSA offers a well structured and coherent programme while providing opportunities for educators to capitalise on the diverse cultural, backgrounds of students.

English is the language of instruction throughout. Our students also learn Chinese language and we provide optional courses in other subjects related to Chinese culture.

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