Beijing Saint Paul American School


School Type:Middle school to high school

Address: #18 Guan'ao Yuan, Qinghe, Haidian District, Beijing, PRC

Contact information: Admission Office Tel:86-10-80703429(English,Chinese) 400-666-8386 (Chinese)

School profile:

Nacel Open Door and Nacel International are celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Currently operating in more than 36 countries, Nacel has promoted international educational programs across the globe for tens of thousands of students. The Nacel International School System has been established to manage and develop Saint Paul school so that we provide a consistent, quality education that will prepare students to successfully compete in the world economy. We will provide each student with a rigorous curriculum, high expectations and strong preparation for entering universities in the United States.

Students will not only receive a US curriculum leading to a diploma from Saint Paul Preparatory School (Nacel International School ), but will also be provided courses in Chinese language, culture and history so they will be conversant in two cultures- China and the US.

Beijing Saint Paul American School

Saint Paul American School is a private high school (grades 7-12) located in Beijing, China and will include local students as well as foreign students. The school is part of the Nacel International School System which includes schools in the US, Poland, Korea, France.

Saint Paul school in Beijing is located on a large, beautiful well appointed modern campus. There are large classrooms, comfortable dorms, a magnificent library, labs and plenty of open space for exercise and beautiful scenery surrounding the campus.

Saint Paul school teachers are well-prepared to teach course both in Chinese and English leading to two degrees, Chinese and American school diplomas, respectively. We will work hard through our effective teaching methods to prepare each successful student to be fluent in Chinese and English.

School Curriculum:

The Dual Diploma Program offers your student an opportunity to have the advantage of learning in the American school system and Chinese language, culture and history.

A Unique Educational Program -Dual Diploma Program of the Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University in China and Saint Paul Preparatory School in USA !

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